Before Michelle began coaching me, I had never, I repeat NEVER, had an audition before.  By the end of our first year, I had booked a role in a short film, a Horror feature film, an interactive horror play and a sketch comedy show at Second City Theatre (and that’s just the beginning.)  Besides acting as my coach, she has dutifully taken up the role as my industry adviser, my scene partner, director and most importantly, my friend.  I couldn’t be happier at the progression I’ve made in my career and honestly couldn’t have done it without Michelle.

–Abra Sampson Moore

Michelle Tomlinson is an amazing audition coach. Period. Her immense knowledge coupled with her passion for actors, helps you be your best and improve your confidence so that when you enter the casting room you are not only prepared, but ready to have some fun. Michelle brings a warm heart and a razor sharp mind to every session and she has single-handedly helped me book three Network Television Co-Starring roles and a National Commercial.

–Lisa Gershuny

A wonderful experience meeting with Michelle, her teaching style is clear, to the point and she put the ball back in my hands for deeper personal research and commitment to my craft and career.  In short it’s never too late to be great.

–Shirley Burns

Kayla loves working with Michelle! She always feels prepared and excited for her audition after coaching sessions with her.  Michelle coached Kayla for her 1st big LA audition, which Kayla booked!
She’s an amazing coach with amazing audition techniques.

–Amanda Maisonet, Kayla Maisonet’s Mom

Michelle is such an amazing coach.  She took my daughter from auditions to auditions with callbacks AND bookings!  Her approach is so “kid friendly” and relatable for them. Love her!

–Paula Swain, Hannah Swain’s Mom

Michelle Tomlinson is an amazing actor and coach.  Both of my children have had the opportunity to be guided by her.  My son Jordan feels completely comfortable working with her and had learned more than he ever expected about acting.  Michelle has brought the natural gift my daughter has to life.  When Haley finishes a session with Michelle, she comes out bold, confident and ready to take on the entertainment world.  She is not just a coach, but a real person who can relate to her students.  They all love her because she believes in them and is continuously supportive of them.  Her communication, creativity, and techniques are highly effective and I would recommend her many times over!  Thank you for all your hard work and patience with my children!

–Cheryl Powell, Jordan & Haley Powell’s Mom

Michelle Tomlinson is one fabulous acting coach! She is an expert at teaching scene breakdown and has helped me with capturing the nuances of a character. She knows when to push, when to stand back and watch, when to expect more, and when to impart a lesson. As a working actor herself, she brings insights from her own experiences to help me adjust my expectations when I go on an audition. She demonstrates the epitome of excellent service, making herself available when I need input, support or advice. She also brings a sense of humor to her coaching, making the coaching sessions fun and something to look forward to. Michelle has helped me grow tremendously, and I can’t say enough about the value she brings to me as an actor.

— Elizabeth Aaron  

After meeting Michelle and working with her for a short time, my son’s style and approach to acting changed.  He was able to focus more and with her direction he was much stronger with connecting to the material.  In a few months he started booking almost everything he auditioned for.  Because of the confidence Michelle has given him. He feels strong about making choices for his character and owns it all the way through. Michelle truly cares about her students and is invested in their success.  We don’t consider her a coach, but a true friend. 

–Brenda Fisher, Brice Evan Fisher’s Mom

Michelle Tomlinson is a blessing to me and my family.  Not only is she an amazing coach, she is a GREAT friend.  She helped my kids tap into emotions and feelings and they are now able to portray those feelings an emotions while acting.  My kids have received callbacks and bookings as a result of being taught by Michelle.  She has a wealth of knowledge she shares with her clients.  She uses different strategies and acting techniques to fit the needs of each young actor. I have had the priviledge of watching her in action coaching kids and she is a phenomenal coach who is very passionate about her job!

–Torri Powell, Kayla, Kendyl and KJ Powell’s Mom

Michelle is a gem!  Not only is she a gifted, talented and successful actress in her own right, she also has the uncanny ability to effectively communicate exactly what is needed to  activate her students’ greater and broader understanding of the text and underlying emotional tone of a script.  She is tenacious and creative in her approach.  She works untiringly, until her student truly grasps the concept she is trying to impart!  I highly recommend her, without reservation!!

–Maria Fagan