Wanting to be an actor and being a working one are two completely different things. If you have the desire and drive to work in one of the hardest industries around – then Michelle Tomlinson is the coach to get you there. A successful actress herself, Tomlinson knows the work it takes to make it in this business. Allow her to help you hone your skills, master your audition and help you be the best you can be at your craft.

Michelle is very proud of her past and present Clients who have Booked:  The Fault in Our Stars, Criminal Minds, The Middle, Stuck in the Middle, Modern Family, CSI: Cyber, Liv and Maddie, Young and the Restless, K.C. Undercover, Every Witch Way, Talia in the Kitchen, Mr. Robinson, The Real O’Neals, Days of Our Lives, 90210, Body of Proof, Sex Sent Me to the E.R., Various roles in Indie Features, Web Series and Commercials! 

For On-Going Clients, you will receive the following:

  • Available for ALL AGES
  • Material suited to your essence.
  • Material that will challenge you and stretch your instrument.
  • Guidance in breaking down your scenes in a succinct manner that allows you to remain present within your material and understand your character.
  • Philosophy of working in the Entertainment Industry.
    • What it means when ego gets in the way.
    • Dealing with rejection and acceptance: How to make them both a learning experience.
  • How to approach your auditions. (AND your bookings!)
  • How to approach the waiting room.
  • How to funnel nervousness into your scene and make it work FOR you.
  • Marketing ideas—including prepping for your next Headshot Shoot.
  • Someone to help you stay accountable and focused on your goals on a weekly basis.


For Audition Coaching:

  • Available for ALL AGES
  • You will be coached and guided to stronger specificity for your audition.
  • You will be clear and concise with the tone, style and genre of your material.
  • You will be confident when you walk into the audition room.
  • You will be clear in how YOU can show up within the character and bring yourself to the party. (Michelle tries to steer clear of giving “Line Reads” to Actors. The job is to help YOU find your dialogue in a manner which is authentic to YOU.)


Parent Consultations

  • $75 for First Hour and $50 Follow Up Hourly Fee
  • Parents! It can be really daunting to navigate through Hollywood. Exchange guesswork for strategy and a plan.
  • Headshot/Resume/Demo Reel Advice
  • Navigate through the Acting Sites
  • Strengthen relationships with Representation
  • Interview Process for new Representation
  • Three Sentence Email
  • Navigate through the Waiting Room
  • General Q & A

Private Coaching (All Ages)

Audition & On-Going
  • $75 per Hour OR Four-1 hour sessions for $200 ($100 Savings)
  • **The package deal is for ongoing students only.**
  • Want a Free Session?  Refer a Friend who signs up for the 4 Session Package and you receive a FREE HOUR!

Skype / FaceTime (All Ages)

Audition & On-Going Coaching on the GO!
  • $75 per Hour OR Four-1 hour sessions for $200 ($100 Savings)
  • No matter where you live, you have access to coaching with a Los Angeles based Acting Teacher and Coach.
  • Cover cold readings, scenes, auditions – whatever you need.

Taped Audition Advice

  • Email Michelle your taped audition before sending to Casting!  Michelle will watch up to three takes of your taped audition and advise you on which one will be best to send in to Casting.  If it turns out you need to re-shoot your audition, there is no additional fee for her to watch the re-takes.  The competition with taped auditions have higher stakes than when you are auditioning in the room.  Michelle will help you make sure yours is the best you can make it.
  • Payment reconciled via PayPal Invoice.
  • On-Going/Weekly Clients:  Fee waived.

Michelle Tomlinson received a BFA in Theatre Performance from Eastern New Mexico University before moving to Los Angeles. Upon her arrival, she studied Commercial Acting with Carolyne Barry, the Adler Method with Arthur Mendoza and The Lyndon Technique with Amy Lyndon.

Whether Tomlinson is coaching someone new to the world of Acting or coaching a seasoned Actor for an audition, she has a strong intuition on how to approach each individual student and guide their work to where it needs to be by the time they reach the audition space.

Since Tomlinson is a working Actor herself, she is able to bring a full world of experience to those she coaches. With credits in several genres including Horror, Drama and Comedy, she has a deep understanding of what it takes to book work in any genre. This understanding is passed onto her students as she encourages them to stretch past their comfort zones by challenging them with different types of material.

Tomlinson fully believes and endorses following your bliss as a human and as an Actor. It’s never too late or too early to embark on an amazing adventure!


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Before Michelle began coaching me, I had never, I repeat NEVER, had an audition before.  By the end of our first year, I had booked a role in a short film, a Horror feature film, an interactive horror play and a sketch comedy show at Second City Theatre (and that’s just the beginning.)  Besides acting as my coach, she has dutifully taken up the role as my industry adviser, my scene partner, director and most importantly, my friend.  I couldn’t be happier at the progression I’ve made in my career and honestly couldn’t have done it without Michelle.

~ Abra Sampson Moore